Line of Land Rover Dormobiles
     7 Dormies at 1996 Portland ABFM. #4 is Elvis & #6 is The Green Rover

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Land Rover Dormobiles

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Page 1 consists of images of the author's Land Rover Dormobiles


Land Rover Dormobiles in Canon de Chilly
My "The Green Rover", John Hess's "Elvis" along with a D90 & 88 driving along the bottom of Canyon de Chilly


Land Rover Dormobile Elvis
"Elvis" out camping. Elvis was owned by John Hess and is now owned by Kelly and James Howard.


Land Rover Dormobile rest stop
"The Green Rover" and "Elvis" at a rest stop.


Rear Land Rover Dormobile
John Hess standing behind "Elvis" at a Portland All British Field Meet.  "The Green Rover" is # 4 in this 5 Land Rover Dormobile plus ambulance line up. We convoyed together, camping along the coast, for several annual Portland All British Field Meets.


Irish Wolhound driving
My Irish Wolfhound Lacey Too was was an avid off roader and often took a turn at the wheel when out on the trail.


John's Land Rover DormobileTeriAnn's Land Rover Dormobile
John's "Elvis" and my "The Green Rover" both photographed climbing the same hill on the Mojave trail


The Green Rover

The Green Rover Land Rover Dormobile
The Green Rover camped in Canyon De Chilly

Land Rover Dormobile custom interior

The Green Rover features a Dormobile kit rescued from a destroyed Land Rover. The number on the side is from the 1998 Border to Border marathon trek.

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