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Below are JPEG images of old advertising materials that John and I have found for the Martin Walters Land Rover based Dormobile. Click on the image to see an enlarged version. The enlarged image will appear in its own window. This page will remain on your screen below the window with the enlarged image. Lately a pair of brochures have been added in pdf format. 


The first one is a partial scan from some sort of brochure that shows the dimensions of the seats and sleeping arrangements for a four door Land Rover Dormobile.

Dormobile brochure
The top bed is listed as 70 inches long. There are a few inches of space betwen the end of the bed and the canopy at the head plus a couple more at the foot of the top bunks providing extra space to fit a six foot person and a full size pillow. There might be space for somone up to about 6'2" with a little padding at both ends.  The cot is narrow but a sleeping bag does not allow you to sprawl anyway. Since the weight of the sleeper compresses the bottom of the sleeping bag there is no insulation under the sleeper. This makes for cold sleeping in low temperatures unless an insulation pad is used.  The pad also makes for a more comfortable bed.

Dormobile Trailer:

This is the sales brochure and press release for the little known Dormobile trailer.  As you will see you don't get much for 100 pounds, even back in the mid sixties.  I guess it would come in handy if it were hitched behind a Dormobile caravan and all you needed was additional private sleeping quarters for one or two more people.  This brochure was collected by Keith Shukait and is shared by his generosity.  Thanks Keith! 

Dormobile triler
4 page brochure with 2 page press release in pdf format (37.5 MB)

Dormobile tent:

This is the sales brochure for the Dormobile Land Rover tent. This brochure was collected by Keith Shukait and is shared by his generosity.  Thanks again Keith! 

Dormobile tent
4 page brochure in pdf format (26.8 MB)




These next two images are the front and back of a single sheet showing a series II four door Dormobile. This was evidently a dealer handout to potential customers. The year of the car is between 1958 and 1960.

Dormobile brochure

Dormobile Drochure

This is a magazine advertisement showing a pre-1967 land Rover four door Dormobile.

Dormobile Brochure

Below are images showing the front and back of a double sheet brochure.   The brochure appears to be from 1967. They are reusing old pictures of their 1958-1960 Series II four door Dormobile. They reused these pictures until Land Rover moved the leadlamps out to the wings.


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