Photo by:
TeriAnn Wakeman

Pentax 67

Land Rover in river



1967 Land Rover 88. Washing a Land Rover New Zealand style!

Ash Smith says"About 10 - 15 miles in from the highway, we came to a sloping patch of a very slippery type of clay known as Papa, above a steep bluff. Several vehicles went across and we followed in turn. Due to the low traction I had because of not airing down the tyres, the nose swung downhill. To cut a long story short, the Rover went over the bluff.

Witnesses said it rolled 6 times sideways, twice end over end and then free-fell 20 - 30ft into the river, finally resting nose down on its bullbar. The total journey was about 140 vertical feet.

We were very shaken and sore after this "concrete-mixer" ride, but apart from a bit of damage to me caused by a chain-saw slashing its bar across my back, no serious injury.

I had constructed a full roll-cage, and that plus the bull-bars are the only reason I am penning this now. I will now NEVER travel with anyone who goes off-road without rollover protection."

Near Whangamomona, New Zealand




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